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Does having sex more often mean that you have a fulfilled sex life?

When it comes to how often we should make love, things are quite different from case to case. Some people feel the need to have sex more often, while others want to have sex less often. But what really matters is the quality of the sex.

The frequency of sexual intercourse is related to happiness

In 2015, researchers writing in the journal Psychological Science and Social Personality found that couples who have sex at least once a week are happier with their relationship than those who do it less often. The study also notes that having sex more than once a week does not further affect the well-being of the relationship. Also, couples who are looking to learn new things are happier and more sexually fulfilled. So if it’s not about frequency, then what are the factors that influence the quality of sex life?

Age, values, lifestyle, innate sexual drive, health and quality of your relationship play an extremely important role. For some couples, satisfaction means comfort, security, and predictability. For others, satisfaction is a lesson or a sign that those partners are incompatible and should break up. People under the age of 30 have sex 112 times a year, on average (more than twice a week); The frequency decreases to 86 times a year between 30-39 years; 69 times a year for those aged 40-49; and about 52 times a year for couples in the ’50s and beyond.

Unfortunately, you may end up in a place where you and your partner do not agree on the right frequency number. Discussing this, even with the help of a professional counselor, is a critical part of getting to the same page on this issue, but comparing sex life with these statistics is not helpful or necessary. It is common to lose interest in sex from time to time, and your libido levels vary throughout your life. It is also normal that your interest sometimes does not match that of your partner.