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Things not to do when kissing
Things not to do when kissing

Love between two people is the most special

Kissing is a good exercise: when we kiss, our hearts start beating faster than usual and our breathing becomes deeper, copying the way our body reacts to physical activity. If done with passion, kissing can be like a very good workout: an intense kiss that lasts about 60 seconds can burn up to 50 calories.
A kiss can stick to a proper label. In many countries, it’s a good idea to greet someone by kissing them on the cheek.
Kissing can raise self-esteem: kissing sends signals to our brain to produce certain hormones that can make us feel better and no wonder one kiss leads to another.

So what’s the secret to kissing a girl on the back? After asking over two thousand women on Facebook, I discovered that people have some well-formed opinions about what they want from a kiss.

Things not to do when kissing

“Neglected, wet and everywhere”
“His tongue reached deep into my throat”
“Don’t think that if he kisses me, it means I’m going to have oral sex with him.”
“Don’t lick my mouth”
“What about fast jaw movements? I’m NOT trying to be chewed. “

Things you should do

Start softly. Let your mouth do its job, but you have to pay attention to your partner’s reactions and act accordingly.
Slow kisses on the cheeks, neck and back, as these areas are generally ignored.
Synchronization is everything. Start slowly and continue slowly to follow the signs that encourage you to move faster than before.