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Man’s diary: how to have a strong erection
Man’s diary: how to have a strong erection

Man’s diary: how to have a strong erection

Didn’t it happen to you at least once that you couldn’t maintain an erection? Don’t worry, it’s normal and can happen to anyone. But if you want to avoid problems, maybe you should consider some tricks that will help you to have and maintain a stronger erection.

Room’s temperature. You may have noticed that when you are cold it is harder to get an erection. This is due to the low temperature in the room. Your body needs to retain energy and heat in this case, and the blood will no longer circulate so much to the extremities (the penis being an extremity). The blood no longer reaches the penis, and the erection is more difficult.

Libido cannot help you in this case, because it is a defense mechanism of the body. It is best to create a pleasant temperature in the room, this will also help your partner. Start with a longer foreplay, which will warm you both up and don’t forget a warm blanket to keep you warm.

Alcohol. Do you think that alcohol increases your libido or erection? Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you drink a lot. A glass of wine before sex can help you get rid of inhibitions or emotions, in no case will it help you get a stronger erection. So, if you know you have an erection problem, you better abstain from alcohol before sex (you can drink after sex if you want).

Emotions. Emotions are the biggest enemy of any man, especially if it is a new partner that must impress. Try not to think so much about how good you will be in bed, whether he likes it or not, whether he will feel good or not. Better relax and be yourself! After all, your partner should like you the way you are, naturally, and not the guy in the adult movie you saw 2 days ago (and who you’d like to be).

A regular sex game lasts an average of 15 minutes, not 2 hours as you see in the movies. So put your emotions aside, relax and make your partner moan with pleasure with his own tricks.

Fatigue. Accumulated fatigue and daily stress can cause problems in bed. If you are too tired, your mind cannot focus on one thing (sex) and in this way it is very possible to lose your erection quickly (if you manage to have it). It is very important that both your mind and your body are rested for outstanding performance among bedding.

Ejaculate. The more often you ejaculate, the harder it will be for you to get a strong erection. And when I say that, I mean a few ejaculations a day. This is especially true for men around the age of 28-30, who no longer have such a high libido as in their youth. If your mind tells you that you no longer feel like having sex, your body will react accordingly, making it harder for you to maintain a strong erection.

For a strong and long-lasting erection, it is good to take breaks between sex days. For example, if you have sex today, the next sex game should be in 2 days. Most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (such as premature ejaculation) intentionally ejaculate before penetration when looking at filmexxx, believing that the second erection will be longer. You may last 5 minutes longer than the first time, but the erection will never be as strong as the first time (the penis will be much softer, so a weaker erection).

Sexual positions. And sexual positions can help you if you can’t maintain an erection. Most men begin to penetrate the missionary position. You should know that this position puts a lot of pressure on your penis, and it can make you ejaculate faster than you would like. So find sexual positions that don’t make you ejaculate, at least in the first few minutes.

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