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Signals you can’t ignore if you suspect he’s cheating on you

The relationship fails for several reasons, but the most common cause is the discovery that one of them has betrayed the other’s trust. When your husband cheats on you it is a delicate situation and if you are wondering what the truth is, it means that you are already living in a tension that is amplifying from day to day.

There are a lot of signs that something is wrong, even long before you get into the question of his infidelity, so it’s important to know how to identify them if you have the slightest suspicion that you’re would deceive.

  1. Intimacy disappears or dies altogether

He is starting to be distant and no longer has time to connect with you. Even if she has no physical problems, she seems to have lost interest in having sex with you.

  1. He suddenly becomes attentive to his physical appearance

Theoretically, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if she suddenly starts going to the gym and exercising for hours, she may not necessarily do it for you.

  1. She starts to change her wardrobe

If you see that he is doing more than usual when it comes to his clothes – especially when he goes out alone – it may be another woman he wants to impress.

  1. He keeps his phone by his side all the time

We all do this in one way or another, but if he also takes it when he takes a shower… or when he gets out of bed to get a beer from the fridge… that means there’s a pretty high chance he won’t want to see something in his phone.

  1. He accuses you of cheating on him

He probably already sensed that you suspected him and would try to turn the situation against you. It is a classic move by the guilty, to transfer the blame to someone else, to get rid of the consequences of their own deeds like on filme porno xxx.

  1. He gets too upset when you ask him where he was

When it comes to his exits, he goes on the defensive, even if you don’t accuse him of anything. Even a completely innocent question, such as “How was the road?” it can irritate him too much and cause a real conflict.

  1. Develop new passions and change their area of ​​interest

You know him well and you know that he is not necessarily attracted to art, but suddenly he goes to museums and buys all kinds of objects that he would not have even noticed a while ago. This may be the case because the new woman in his life has such concerns and wants to impress her.

  1. His temper worsens and he gets nervous more often than usual

Find a reason to quarrel over anything. He makes the mosquito a stallion just to annoy you and quarrel with you, so that he can then leave to see his new partner. On the other hand, he may feel guilty for misleading you and use these tactics to distract you from his infidelity.

  1. Start giving you lots of presents for no apparent reason

You like to receive attention, especially if it comes from your loved one. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed with such sudden surprises, it could be because she feels guilty and tries to make up for it by cheating on you or still cheating on you.

  1. He talks to you more and more about other women

Whether it’s a colleague or a friend, when he doesn’t stop talking about her, it becomes annoying. It’s a pretty clear sign that he’s attracted to her or that he’s already cheating on you. In any case, if he mentions it too often in your conversations, it means that he thinks about it for a long time.

  1. There are major changes in terms of spending

Did you notice that the money goes to various purchases that have nothing to do with you two and that he can’t explain? One possible scenario that explains all this is the one in which he gives presents to another woman who want porno gratis a little more than rest; possibly also payment notes at restaurants or hotels. In any case, it is worth trying to find out the truth.

  1. You catch him more and more often with all kinds of lies

He is more and more secretive and lies about many things, constantly. Infidelity comes with such behavior. It is possible to try to hide something else from you and not to be mistaken, but if you feel that something is wrong and that you have every right to be suspicious, you better find out how things are as soon as possible.

Strange sexual practices from antiquity to the present

The human imagination knows no bounds when it comes to exploring sexuality. From adult movies in which the protagonists mutilate their bodies for pleasure, to tribes that celebrate the entry of young people into adulthood by ingesting semen, the eros show continues to fascinate and shock the audience. In the following, we will present the most bizarre sexual practices from time immemorial, but also today.
In ancient Greece, older men had sex with teenagers

Although modern society condemns sexual intercourse between minors and adults, in ancient Greece not only was this practice common, but it was also a source of pride for family members. Known as “pederaşti”, meaning men who publish pederasty, they were part of the tagma of the nobles.

In order to prove their social status, high-ranking and wealthy men kept teenagers from poor families by the house. In exchange for his protection and that of their families, the young men were morally obliged to sleep with their masters.

Historical sources record pederasty as ubiquitous and law-abiding in the Archaic period (between 750 and 490 BC), but also in Classical Greece (between 490 and 336 BC).
In ancient Egypt, men masturbated in public

Bathed by the scorching sun embodied by Ra, Egypt has always had a close relationship with the earth. Considering that the name of the land in ancient times was “kemet”, meaning “black earth”, the Egyptians strongly believed that the gods decreed that they should occupy that place because it was particularly fertile compared to the desert that meant death.

Therefore, for the Egyptians, fertility had a special significance. For example, Min, a pre-dynastic deity, was always embodied in the form of a man of impressive stature, with an erect penis.

In honor of the fertility god, the pharaohs held annual festivities. In order to show their devotion to Min, men had a moral as well as a civic obligation to masturbate in public.

Apart from the festivities dedicated to Min, the Egyptians had a similar celebration. Named the feast of Nim, during this feast, the pharaoh must masturbate and scatter his seed on the waters of the Nile.

The explanation for this gesture is that, through ejaculation, the pharaoh recreates the episode of the creation of the world. In Egyptian mythology, Atum, unanimously considered the creator of the universe and humans, molded the world and the important deities of the Egyptian pantheon with only his semen.
In Papua New Guinea, men drink semen from the village elders

Etoro, a tribe of natives from Papua New Guinea, forces their young men to drink the sperm of the village elders and to be anal penetrated by their adoptive uncles. This practice, which is reprehensible in many parts of the globe, is deeply rooted in the beliefs of the Etoro tribe.

One of their religious perceptions suggests that a child who is old enough to undergo the rite of passage (around 7 years old) must consume the semen of his father or an older person in order to take power. The members of the Etoro tribe believe that semen is the essence of male power, and the young man will have to swallow significant amounts to become a fearsome warrior.

In some cases, children will be anal penetrated by either their father or an adoptive uncle. This practice ends when the young people reach the age of 17, being considered men and warriors capable of protecting their tribe.

Love between two people is the most special

Kissing is a good exercise: when we kiss, our hearts start beating faster than usual and our breathing becomes deeper, copying the way our body reacts to physical activity. If done with passion, kissing can be like a very good workout: an intense kiss that lasts about 60 seconds can burn up to 50 calories.
A kiss can stick to a proper label. In many countries, it’s a good idea to greet someone by kissing them on the cheek.
Kissing can raise self-esteem: kissing sends signals to our brain to produce certain hormones that can make us feel better and no wonder one kiss leads to another.

So what’s the secret to kissing a girl on the back? After asking over two thousand women on Facebook, I discovered that people have some well-formed opinions about what they want from a kiss.

Things not to do when kissing

“Neglected, wet and everywhere”
“His tongue reached deep into my throat”
“Don’t think that if he kisses me, it means I’m going to have oral sex with him.”
“Don’t lick my mouth”
“What about fast jaw movements? I’m NOT trying to be chewed. “

Things you should do

Start softly. Let your mouth do its job, but you have to pay attention to your partner’s reactions and act accordingly.
Slow kisses on the cheeks, neck and back, as these areas are generally ignored.
Synchronization is everything. Start slowly and continue slowly to follow the signs that encourage you to move faster than before.

Lack of communication in sexual life

Lack of communication underlies all separations. Although many couples have the feeling that they are communicating things, most of the time they do nothing but talk. Communication means when the two partners report, viscerally, some problems or frustrations that could jeopardize their reaction. Of course, it’s always more convenient and tempting to stand in front of each other and talk about what you’ve done at work, gossiping about friends, or what interesting things you’ve seen lately.

The temptation is great, but don’t do it. Poor communication is what creates that emptiness of feelings that we are convinced we feel for the person next to us: “Does he still love me or do we stay together just because we got used to each other?”

Even in the worst moments, when you feel that everything is collapsing around you, try to communicate honestly. Remember that there was something that brought you together. With a little willpower, clarity and impartiality, you will realize what it was like, what bothered you, and how you need to implement that change in order to continue to enjoy each other.
Sex life

Couple sex is a very difficult issue to address. There are many cases in which couples no longer feel attracted to each other because things are no longer the same in the bedroom (same positions, the partner does not give you the stimulation you need or has medical problems that can affect the quality of sexual intercourse).

However, he did not regard this as a final and irrevocable sentence. Try to spice up your bedroom life by communicating with each other. You can try erotic accessories to make something boring something extraordinarily exciting. Don’t just stay in the bedroom. Try having sex in other areas of the apartment as well.

If your partner’s health problems are declining, then it’s a good idea to see a specialist. Also, natural therapies based on potency pills can restore her confidence to do more in bed.

To sum up the discussion, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that the problems in your married life will arise at some point, no matter how undesirable this thought may be. However, by adopting the right attitude and communicating, you will be able to get over this moment to enjoy, continuing with each other. Couples are not born overnight, they are the sum of all the things you have both invested in over time.

Why problems arise in a couple

Over time, all couples have had to deal with difficult situations. Some are “easier” and some are more difficult, which often involve a large amount of emotional baggage. However, these moments or situations can be overcome successfully if the partners really want to see what they did wrong and look for the right solutions. In this article, we’ll show you why couples often have problems and how to get over them.
Monotony gives birth to monsters

One of the most commonly cited reasons for quarrels between couples is neglect, which gradually leads to monotony. This neglect can have many facets:

  • She talks to him and he is too absorbed in what he is doing right now.
  • He lives with the impression that she will be there all the time and that there is no risk of losing her.
  • They both do the same thing every day after they return from work.

As you can see, letting go of the couple can take many forms, each of which leads to frustration and anxiety. Of course, monotony is not always such a bad thing. Even the adventurer needs a moment to catch his breath after beating the world wide and wide.

However, as a couple, most of the time, the monotony ends up raising some questions – Who am I? Who is he? Is this how we spend our days until we die?

The solution is never simple, but by putting your mind to work, you will find a beneficial solution. There are many ways to “dynamite” the monotony in a couple – go out together as often as possible, do little things you’ve never done before, change your circle of friends, or try to find a common passion. You can also try some potency food supplements to spice up your bedroom life a bit.

Does having sex more often mean that you have a fulfilled sex life?

When it comes to how often we should make love, things are quite different from case to case. Some people feel the need to have sex more often, while others want to have sex less often. But what really matters is the quality of the sex.

The frequency of sexual intercourse is related to happiness

In 2015, researchers writing in the journal Psychological Science and Social Personality found that couples who have sex at least once a week are happier with their relationship than those who do it less often. The study also notes that having sex more than once a week does not further affect the well-being of the relationship. Also, couples who are looking to learn new things are happier and more sexually fulfilled. So if it’s not about frequency, then what are the factors that influence the quality of sex life?

Age, values, lifestyle, innate sexual drive, health and quality of your relationship play an extremely important role. For some couples, satisfaction means comfort, security, and predictability. For others, satisfaction is a lesson or a sign that those partners are incompatible and should break up. People under the age of 30 have sex 112 times a year, on average (more than twice a week); The frequency decreases to 86 times a year between 30-39 years; 69 times a year for those aged 40-49; and about 52 times a year for couples in the ’50s and beyond.

Unfortunately, you may end up in a place where you and your partner do not agree on the right frequency number. Discussing this, even with the help of a professional counselor, is a critical part of getting to the same page on this issue, but comparing sex life with these statistics is not helpful or necessary. It is common to lose interest in sex from time to time, and your libido levels vary throughout your life. It is also normal that your interest sometimes does not match that of your partner.

Myths about sex lubricants

Many people already see lubricant as an important and fun addition to their sex life, but there is still a lot of misinformation about this slippery substance. In the following, we will discuss the most common myths about sex lubricants.

Myth 1: Only cold people need lubricants

A lot of people still look at lubricants as a kind of medicine designed to solve the problem of a dry vagina. Unfortunately, when we think of something as a solution, we believe that there is something wrong with people using lubricants for sex or for moments dedicated to masturbation and watching erotic movies.

The truth is that all sorts of people use lubricants for all sorts of reasons – and there’s nothing wrong with them.

When you are aroused, the blood rushes to the genitals, which begin to swell. When it comes to female anatomy, the walls of the vagina swell and produce a clear, odorless natural lubrication that protects against rubbing and irritation during sex. There can be many reasons why your body may not always produce enough moisture to make a comfortable sexual experience.

A lot of things can interfere with the dehydrated lubrication process, taking certain common medications, feeling uncomfortable with your partner or your situation. pleasant with lubricant. A lot of people use it for more pleasure.

Myth 2: Lube is only for penis-vaginal sex

Penetration causes more rubbing than other sexual acts, so it makes sense that we use lubricant when we have vaginal sex. But it’s not the only sexual activity that can be more fun with extra moisture. Inserting any object into the vagina, such as a sex toy – will be finer with lubricant.

The frequency and touch of your partner’s vulva or penis can make you feel very hot if your hands are slightly slippery. And of course, any kind of anal part needs a lot of lubrication, because the bottom doesn’t produce that natural lubricant like the vagina does.

Man’s diary: how to have a strong erection

Didn’t it happen to you at least once that you couldn’t maintain an erection? Don’t worry, it’s normal and can happen to anyone. But if you want to avoid problems, maybe you should consider some tricks that will help you to have and maintain a stronger erection.

Room’s temperature. You may have noticed that when you are cold it is harder to get an erection. This is due to the low temperature in the room. Your body needs to retain energy and heat in this case, and the blood will no longer circulate so much to the extremities (the penis being an extremity). The blood no longer reaches the penis, and the erection is more difficult.

Libido cannot help you in this case, because it is a defense mechanism of the body. It is best to create a pleasant temperature in the room, this will also help your partner. Start with a longer foreplay, which will warm you both up and don’t forget a warm blanket to keep you warm.

Alcohol. Do you think that alcohol increases your libido or erection? Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you drink a lot. A glass of wine before sex can help you get rid of inhibitions or emotions, in no case will it help you get a stronger erection. So, if you know you have an erection problem, you better abstain from alcohol before sex (you can drink after sex if you want).

Emotions. Emotions are the biggest enemy of any man, especially if it is a new partner that must impress. Try not to think so much about how good you will be in bed, whether he likes it or not, whether he will feel good or not. Better relax and be yourself! After all, your partner should like you the way you are, naturally, and not the guy in the adult movie you saw 2 days ago (and who you’d like to be).

A regular sex game lasts an average of 15 minutes, not 2 hours as you see in the movies. So put your emotions aside, relax and make your partner moan with pleasure with his own tricks.

Fatigue. Accumulated fatigue and daily stress can cause problems in bed. If you are too tired, your mind cannot focus on one thing (sex) and in this way it is very possible to lose your erection quickly (if you manage to have it). It is very important that both your mind and your body are rested for outstanding performance among bedding.

Ejaculate. The more often you ejaculate, the harder it will be for you to get a strong erection. And when I say that, I mean a few ejaculations a day. This is especially true for men around the age of 28-30, who no longer have such a high libido as in their youth. If your mind tells you that you no longer feel like having sex, your body will react accordingly, making it harder for you to maintain a strong erection.

For a strong and long-lasting erection, it is good to take breaks between sex days. For example, if you have sex today, the next sex game should be in 2 days. Most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (such as premature ejaculation) intentionally ejaculate before penetration when looking at filmexxx, believing that the second erection will be longer. You may last 5 minutes longer than the first time, but the erection will never be as strong as the first time (the penis will be much softer, so a weaker erection).

Sexual positions. And sexual positions can help you if you can’t maintain an erection. Most men begin to penetrate the missionary position. You should know that this position puts a lot of pressure on your penis, and it can make you ejaculate faster than you would like. So find sexual positions that don’t make you ejaculate, at least in the first few minutes.

More lubricant means more pleasure

While too much rubbing is bad because it can irritate the skin, having a little rubbing is what makes sex enjoyable. Too much lubrication can bore the intensity of the sensation. If you have already put too much lubricant, don’t worry. Take a towel or T-shirt you just threw on the floor and wipe a little.

All lubricants are the same

Not all lubricants are created equal. You may prefer one type of lubricant over another based on ingredients, smell, packaging, or price. Here are three types of lubricants to choose from.

Water-based lubricant

The best thing about water-based lubricants is that they are always safe to use with condoms and sex toys.

Lube based on silicone

Many popular lubricants are made of silicone and are safe to use with condoms. Beware of using silicone-based lubricant with other silicone-based products, such as diaphragms or certain sex toys, as it may break these products over time.

Oil-based lubricant

Oil-based lubricants work well to help your skin glide gracefully and comfortably. How important lubrication is!